The Stock Picker’s Bear Market

By Charlie Bilello

22 Nov 2021

Bezos. Gates. Buffett. Zuckerberg. Musk.

A list of the wealthiest Americans all have one thing in common: concentrated positions in a single company’s stock that they founded.

It’s tempting to believe that is the model you should follow in your own investment portfolio, but for most, that would be a mistake.


Because the odds of you picking a single stock and it becoming one of the big winners of the future are not in your favor.

Most companies (72%) vastly underperform Treasury bills over the long term and more than half earn a negative lifetime return.

While the data is clear, the allure of stock picking remains. The siren song of finding riches in picking the next Apple/Amazon/Google/Tesla is simply to great to resist.

And after a year like 2020, it almost seemed easy. Had you purchased virtually anything in the high growth/tech/IPO/SPAC space, you would have outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin.

This trend continued at the start of 2021, with the meme-stock mania in January and a blow-off top in February. I wrote about it at the time, as FOMO-driven investors were chasing performance and pouring billions into the leading stock-picking firm of our age (ARK Invest).

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What’s happened since is a swift transition back to reality, which is to say a world in which stock picking is anything but easy.

Many former high growth/tech/IPO/SPAC favorites from last year are now showing significant drawdowns…

And the flagship stock picking fund ($ARKK) is more than 33% below its February high.

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At the same time, the simple, boring S&P 500 is hitting new all-time highs at a record pace (already 66 on the year) and the Nasdaq 100 is on track for its 13th consecutive positive year.

It’s a stock picker’s bear market, that much is clear.

Is it portending broader weakness to come, with the major indices following suit? We’ll find out soon enough.


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