The Great Reopening of America

By Charlie Bilello

07 May 2021

Over the past few months, we’ve made considerable progress in defeating covid-19…

  • 45% of Americans (148 million people) are now vaccinated with at least 1 dose. In the most vulnerable age group (65+, which has seen >80% of covid-19 deaths), we’re at 85%.

If we add in those who have been infected with covid-19 (but not yet vaccinated), we’re starting to see numbers that are approaching herd immunity (my current estimate is around 67%).

The results?

A decline in covid-19 that is only going to get better in the coming weeks/months…

  • New cases are now down 82% from their peak, a 7-month low.
  • The % of positive tests is down to 3.3%, the lowest level since the pandemic began.
  • Hospitalizations are at their lowest levels since last October.
  • Deaths are down 80% from their peak in January, a 9-month low.

If the current pace of vaccinations continues, in a few months we could resemble what Israel looks like today – a country that has nearly eradicated the virus by vaccinating 60% of their population. With new cases and deaths down over 99% from their peak, life in Israel has largely returned to normal.

The US is not far behind, and I suspect the numbers will soon bear that out.

What will that look like this summer?

More traveling, more gatherings with family and friends, and more fun. The great reopening of America has begun.

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