5-Chart Friday (11/20/20)

By Charlie Bilello

20 Nov 2020

5 charts from the past week that tell an interesting story in markets and investing…

1) Vaccine Déjà Vu

For the second week in a row, amazing vaccine news came at the start of the week, this time from Moderna (phase 3 trial showing its vaccine reduced risk of infection by 94.5%).

Moderna’s stock ($MRNA) rallied to new highs on the news and has now quintupled on the year (+400%).

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Two days after the Moderna news, Pfizer announced that the efficacy portion of their covid-19 trial had been completed, showing a 95% effectiveness (up from 90% last week).

And today, Pfizer announced that they are submitting an application to the FDA for “emergency use authorization.” If approved, some Americans (will go first to health-care workers, elderly, and those with underlying conditions) could receive their first dose in about a month.

2) Vaccine = Value?

With the vaccine news over the past two weeks, we’ve seen a reversal of sorts in equity markets, with beaten down value stocks (energy/financials/industrials) outperforming growth stocks (tech).

Its hardly noticeable on the chart below after such a long downtrend (value has been underperforming growth since 2006), but something to watch in the coming weeks/months.

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3) Bitcoin’s Back!

Bitcoin is going vertical again, rallying $7,000 in the past month alone (+60%). At $18,700, it is now within striking distance of the all-time high from December 2017.

From its low in December 2018, it has gained 499%. Here’s a look back at Bitcoin’s drawdowns over the years…

Is Bitcoin undervalued, a bubble, or something in between? I did a twitter poll on that yesterday and these were the responses…

Bitcoin is…ultimately a story about belief, as I wrote in a post this week.

4) Tesla > Walmart?

Tesla hit another all-time high this week, with its market cap surging past the mighty Walmart, and then exceeding it by $50 billion.

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Looking at their comparative financials, one thing is clear: investors are expecting tremendous growth from Tesla in the years to come.

Tesla: $28 billion
Walmart: $549 billion

Net Income…
Tesla: $556 million
Walmart: $20 billion

5) Covid Continues

US Covid-19 hospitalizations continued to hit new highs this week while deaths (lagging indicator) hit their highest level since May. The vaccine can’t come soon enough.

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The virus remains on the rise in all regions with the Midwest still being hit hardest during the current wave.

Hopefully, we’ll start to see signs of a downturn in the next few weeks, following the trend in parts of Europe (France/Spain/Belgium/Czech Republic).


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And that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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